The Southern Cotton Shippers Association was organized in 1916 by a group of shippers from the Mississippi Delta and the Memphis market for the purpose of establishing a permanent arbitration board in New England on which the shippers of cotton would have their own representative. The successful outcome of this endeavor blazed the trail for shipper representation on arbitration boards in this country and abroad. In 1926 the territory of the Southern was enlarged to include the entire states of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

In 1955, the organization’s name was changed to “SOUTHERN COTTON ASSOCIATION”.

The objects and purposes of the Association were described in the Charter, as follows:

“The objects and purposes of said corporation are social and educational, to establish harmony and uniformity of trade customs and practices among its members and just and equitable principles in the cotton trade; to promote the general welfare of its members and others engaged in the cotton business, to decide and determine matters of difference among its members, and between its members and others, when submitted to it for arbitration; to gather, compile and disseminate information and statistics relating to matters of special interest to the cotton industry.”

In 1990 the Southern merged with the Arkansas-Missouri Cotton Trade Association, headquartered in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and the territory of the Southern was enlarged to also include the states of Arkansas and Missouri.

Through the American Cotton Shippers Association, the Southern is affiliated with the:

Southern Cotton Association, Memphis, Tennessee

Texas Cotton Association, Dallas, Texas

Western Cotton Shippers Association, Memphis, Tennessee

The combined memberships of all of the Affiliated Associations form the membership of the American Cotton Shippers Association.


H. Thomas Hayden, Jr.

H. Thomas Hayden, Jr. (“Tommy”) began his professional career in 1991 with Ernst & Young in Memphis, where he worked for 8 years in the Assurance and Advisory Business Services practice. Tommy joined Louis Dreyfus Company (“LDC”) in 1999 as global Cotton Platform controller, based in Memphis. In 2008, Tommy was appointed Chief Operating Officer of the North America Region of LDC based in Wilton, Connecticut. In 2013, Tommy returned to the LDC Cotton Platform as Deputy COO of the global cotton business, based in Memphis, and on January 1, 2015 assumed the role of COO of the Cotton Platform.

Tommy is a 1991 graduate of the University of Mississippi and is a Certified Public Accountant.

SCA Board of Directors

  • H. Thomas Hayden, Jr., President, Allenberg Cotton Co.
  • Cory Barnes, Vice-President, Cargill Cotton
  • Amy Bain, Allenberg Cotton Co.
  • Shane Clausen, Viterra USA Agriculture LLC
  • Keith Elzie, ECOM USA, Inc.
  • John King, Olam Cotton
  • Danny Lyons, Lyons Cotton, Inc.
  • Johnny McAdams, COFCO
  • John Stevens, Olam Cotton
  • Bobby Walton, Walcot Trading Company, LLC


  • Allenberg Cotton Co.
  • America Tongzhou Cotton Trading, Inc.
  • Cargill Cotton
  • Choice Cotton Company, Inc.
  • COFCO Americas Resources Corp.
  • Commonwealth Gin
  • DECA International LLC
  • ECOM USA, Inc.
  • Indigo Ag
  • Loeb & Company, Inc.
  • Olam Cotton
  • Toyo Cotton Company
  • Toyoshima International America Inc.
  • Viterra USA Agriculture LLC


  • Irwin Leatherman Cotton Co.
  • McMeekin Cotton LLC
  • New Hope AgriServices LLC
  • Plainsman Cotton Company


  • Addtran Logistics, Inc.
  • Broad Street Bonded Warehouse
  • Dallas Warehouse Company, LLC
  • Bard Diffly-Trendline Trading & Investments, LLC
  • Fullen Transportation Service, Inc.
  • Fuller Warehouse & Gin, Inc.
  • Forrest F. Lipscomb & Company
  • Georgia Ports Authority
  • IMC Companies
  • Mallory Alexander Int’l Logistics
  • Transales, Inc.
  • Unique Commodities
  • Wakefield Inspection Services, Inc.