ACSA efforts have led to expanded U.S. production and offtake thereby increasing the amount of cotton that U.S. firms purchase and ship to our domestic and export customers. As we expand our participation in the market so too should our membership and our patronage of ACSA members who supply our needs in the various production areas.

Key to our marketing success is the function of the Primary Buyers and Mill Service Agents in the major production and consumption areas who, acting on their own behalf as the agent of a producer or on behalf of a merchant or textile mill, play a vital role at the beginning of the marketing chain with the producer or ginner and with the end user at the textile mill.

At each end of the marketing chain, the Primary Buyer and Mill Service Agent incurs many problems as the cotton moves to market. Cognizant of the importance of a strong marketing force in the primary production areas and with our domestic textile industry, ACSA continues to work closely with Primary Buyers and Mill Service Agents to resolve issues important to them in State Legislatures, Congress, USDA and other industry organizations. A strong, reliable and competitive buying force and mill service agents in the producing and mill areas are important to our overall success in the market place.

We have an obligation to foster the successful operations of those who supply and service our customer needs, especially those who belong to ACSA. We should patronize ACSA members and we must encourage non-member suppliers and service agents to join the Federated Association where they do business.

We are a unique and diverse industry and our strength lies in our dedication to accomplish the common goal of continued expansion of markets. Let’s do it together, everyone contributing and helping each other to achieve our common policy goals.