ACSA Mission Statement

The demands for better performance and service have become increasingly exacting as the cotton industry continues to change and expand. We at ACSA are constantly adapting to change in order to meet each and every challenge.

ACSA members are engaged in a great enterprise, the purchasing, storing, transporting, and merchandising of America’s most valuable cash crop and its most abundant natural fiber. Our objectives, our challenges, our vital mission requires us to:

  1. Encourage the production of an adequate and diverse supply of cotton at competitive prices to meet the needs of our domestic and foreign mill customers.
  2. Educate producer and mill customers on the prudent and appropriate use of the available risk management instruments that will enable them to maximize their profit potential in the market.
  3. Contract for the forward purchase and sale of cotton to lock in a market price for each of our customers.
  4. Facilitate the prompt harvesting, processing, shipment and timely delivery of cotton to our mill customers.
  5. Provide an environment of fair trade through established rules and industry practices that encourage the favorable resolution of all disputes.