On September 7, 1923 a meeting of the cotton merchandising industry was held in Atlanta, Georgia to explore the formation of a cotton trade association to embrace the states of Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Florida.

At this meeting, Mr. F. M. Inman was elected President of the new organization and J. R. Ellis as Secretary.  The meeting also elected seven Directors.  It was decided to name the new organization the ATLANTIC COTTON ASSOCIATION.

Charter of Incorporation was granted by the Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia, January 5, 1924.  The Association was incorporated as a non-capital, non-profit corporation.  The objects and purposes of the Association were described in the Charter, as follows:

“The objects and purposes of said corporation are social and educational, to establish harmony and uniformity of trade customs and practices among its members and just and equitable principles in the cotton trade; to promote the general welfare of its members and others engaged in the cotton business, to decide and determine matters of difference among its members, and between its members and others, when submitted to it for arbitration; to gather, compile and disseminate information and statistics relating to matters of special interest to the cotton industry.”

Through the American Cotton Shippers Association, the Atlantic is affiliated with the:

Southern Cotton Association, Memphis, Tennessee

Texas Cotton Association, Dallas, Texas

Western Cotton Shippers Association, Memphis, Tennessee

The combined memberships of all of the Affiliated Associations form the membership of the American Cotton Shippers Association.


Michael de Caetani


Michael de Caetani was born on June 30, 1951 and lived his childhood in Tuebingen, Germany. Michael earned a MBA from University of Konstanz, German.

In 1973 he went to work as a part time Logistics and Junior Trader with Otto Stadtlander, Bremen, German; in 1977 he was working full time for Otto Stadtlander. He came to the United States and in 1980 – 1988 worked as President and CEO of Stahel (America), Memphis, TN

In 1988 he formed DECA International, Memphis, TN and Ashville, NC and became the CEO.

Michael is a former President of Southern Cotton Association and a member the American Cotton Shippers Association Board of Directors.





Michael de Caetani, DECA International, LLC

James L. Loeb, Jr., Loeb and Co., Inc.

Chris Alphin, Commonwealth Gin

Robert Buckles, New Hope Risk Management, LLC

Mark Frasier, Choice Cotton Company, Inc.

Jordan Lea, Eastern Trading Co., Inc.

Thomas McMeekin, McMeekin Cotton LLC

Anthony Wills, Cargill Cotton


Allenberg Cotton Co

America Tongzhou Cotton Trading, Inc.

Cargill Cotton

Choice Cotton Company, Inc.

COFCO Americas Resources Corp.

Commonwealth Gin

DECA International LLC


Loeb & Company, Inc.

Olam Cotton

Toyo Cotton Company


Irwin Leatherman Cotton Co.

McMeekin Cotton LLC

New Hope Risk Management LLC

Plainsman Cotton Company


Addtran Logistics, Inc.

Broad Street Bonded Warehouse

Dallas Warehouse Company, LLC

Bard Diffly-Trendline Trading & Investments, LLC

Fullen Transportation Service, Inc.

Fuller Warehouse & Gin, Inc.

Georgia Ports Authority

Forrest F. Lipscomb & Company


Mallory Alexander Int’l Logistics


Transales, Inc.

Wakefield Inspection Services, Inc.