About Us

The American Cotton Shippers Association was organized on July 8, 1924 to provide a united voice for the cotton merchandising trade of the United States. ACSA is comprised of Merchants, Primary Buyers and Mill Service Agents who are members of four Federated Associations, located throughout the cotton belt:

ACSA’s member firms handle over 80% of the U.S. cotton sold in domestic and foreign markets. The significant market involvement of ACSA members requires that the Association take an active part in promoting the increased use of cotton in the U.S. and throughout the world; establishing with other cotton trade organizations national and international standards for trade; collaborating with producer organizations throughout the cotton belt in formulating farm programs; and cooperating with government agencies in the administration of such programs.

Cotton merchants at every level of the marketing chain benefit. While cotton is a product of nature, how much is planted, by whom, and at what price is not always a market determination; it can be influenced by  USDA.

The opportunity to participate in the formulation of ACSA policy, through input to, or service on, committees or Boards of Directors. The opportunity to voice concerns on numerous issues, to recommend policy changes in USDA regulations, or to change or enact legislation is available to each ACSA member  the opportunity to participate fully in the affairs of ACSA.