Pakistan Import Permit Fumigation Requirements

Additional Guidance from USDA on Pakistan Import Requirements:

I just left a meeting with the director of USDA/APHIS/PPQ and received some additional guidance.  While there is lots of uncertainty regarding this issue the following is the current position of the USDA: 

  • USDA has received no formal notice of a rule change from Pakistan.
  • USDA has sent correspondence with ACSA concerns and data to the Pakistani Government, the US Embassy in Islamabad, and USDA Delhi, India (PAK Jurisdiction).
    • No formal reply has been received from Pakistani Regulatory Officials.
  • USDA will continue issuing Phytosanitary Certificates with the boll weevil free declaration only and not require IP reference. 
  • USDA feels strongly that Pakistan or other trade partners are bound by WTO rules to give official notice for requirement changes, which again, have not been received.
  • USDA has a scheduled Import Requirement Evaluation Meeting scheduled with Pakistan in February. 

The takeaway here is that they want us to continue “business as usual.”  This issue will be discussed in the February meeting where USDA will defend the science supporting the absence of fumigation requirements for US Cotton if the issue is still active.

Please let me know if you incur problems with these shipments so that I can keep USDA informed.  They have pledged to intervene in the event of an issue.  We will provide anything further upon receipt.  

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