Shipping Performance of USDA Licensed Warehouses

2017 Jan 3 – Procedures for contacting USDA Kansas City Commodity Office regarding shipping performance of USDA Llicensed Warehouses

1. All submission of complaints on warehouse performance should be directed to: Mr. Timothy Mehl, -direct line via phone: 816.926.6417.

2. KCCO does not provide any form for filing complaints.

3. Members are required to furnish via email to Mr. Mehl the following:

(a.) The load dates requested of the warehouse in question.
(b.) The loads date(s) given by the warehouse inclusive of documentation from the warehouse.
(c.) Copies of all documentation submitted to the warehouse for shipment.
(d.) It is important that members include both load date requested and load date received to complete this process
4. Members should ask KCCO when the shipping logs of the warehouse in question will be evaluated, as well as when you can expect to receive a decision. Members must follow up with KCCO once this process is set in motion.

We have received confirmation from ACSA members who have lodged complaints and followed through with the correct documentation and procedures which resulted in positive actions and outcomes. We cannot expect USDA to act upon just verbal complaints without the appropriate backup documentation.

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