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ACEA Default List as of  December 21, 2015.

(*) Denotes In addition to being in default on an outstanding contract, the party has failed to honor a technical arbitration award issued by the appropriate arbitral body.

CountryDate AddedMill NameDefault Information
BANGLADESH10/18/1996Quasem Cotton Mills Ltd.*
02/05/2002Reliance Spinning Mills, Ltd*.
10/11/2011MSA Spinning Limited
02/22/2013Patriot Spinning Mills Ltd. *
BRAZIL04/10/2012Santana Textil S.A.
CHINA10/15/2004Beijing Huayuan Yatai High-Tech Co., Ltd.
03/02/2005Hebei TianlunTtextiles Co., Ltd.*
03/02/2005Jiangsu Zhongxiang Group Import & Export Co., Ltd.*
08/31/2006Huzhou Feng Lian (Formerly Huzhou Lian Feng Textiles Co., Ltd.)*
08/31/2006Anhui Shinho Textiles Co., Ltd.*
03/21/2007Luohe Shuanglong Textile Co. and/or (Luohe Shuanglong Spinning & Weaving Co.)*
05/17/2007Huafang Import & Export Co., Ltd.*
01/06/2009Ningbo Zhou Chang International Trade Co., Ltd.
01/06/2009Guangxi Tianhui Industry & Trading Co., Ltd.
01/08/2009Ningo Shuangdun Textile Canvas Industrial Co., Ltd.
03/16/2009Shandong Taifeng Textile Co., Ltd. (Affiliated with Taifeng Textile Group Co., Ltd.)*
02/16/2012Jiangsu Nijiaxiag Group Co., Ltd. and/or (Jiangyin Tiangong Textile Co., Ltd.)
04/17/2012Qingdao International Commodity Exchange Co., Ltd.
04/30/2012Shandong Zouping Shenghe Textile Co., Ltd.
06/18/2012Gaomi Jinfang Cotton Technology Co., Ltd.
06/20/2012Shandong Gaomi Huaya Textile Co., Ltd.
07/02/2012Nan Yang Textile Co., Ltd.
07/11/2012Foshan Nanhai Zhaoli Textile Co., Ltd.
07/17/2012Shandong Yanggu Shunda Textile Co., Ltd.
11/21/2012Wuxi Natural Green Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary of Wuxi Natural Textile)
11/29/2012Ningbo Future Import and Export Co., Ltd.
02/23/2015Jiangsu Taid Textile Co., Ltd.
08/15/2015Shandong Resources Import and Export Co., Ltd.*
07/30/2018Qingdao Xinyin Huamian International Trading Co., Ltd.
08/09/2019Qingdao Huo Shi Yuan International Trading Co., Ltd.
09/06/2019Qingdao Everfortune International Trade Co., Ltd/Qingdao Sino Commerce Suntton International Trade Co., Ltd.
09/17/2019Qingdao Wealthy Uni Industrial Co., Ltd.
10/10/2019Qingdao Boaoqi Trading Co. Ltd.
11/14/2019Qingdao Chunghwacotton Import & Export Co., Ltd.
03/26/2020Xiamen C&D Light Industry Co., Ltd.
04/16/2020Quinsah (HK) Trading Co., Ltd./Shanghai Quinsah International Trading Co., Ltd.
04/16/2020Tangshan Zhouying Textile Co., Ltd.
04/21/2020Xuzhou Hua Peng Cotton and Linen Co., Ltd.
05/19/2020Beijing YiFuZe Trading Co., Ltd.
06/03/2020Yancheng Ganglong Textile Co., Ltd.
GUATEMALA05/05/2009Textiles Youm Kwang
08/26/2011Hilos Y. Telas S.A.
02/07/2012Monte Textile S.A. and/or (Textiles Del Sur Internacional, S.A.)
ECUADOR01/26/2012Insomet CIA Ltda.
EL SALVADOR01/03/2000Textiles Santa Anna S. A. de C. V.*
GREECE01/27/1978Klostiria Trikalon*Appeared on original ACEA Listing 2/23/77
HONG KONG11/02/2004Sun Hing Lee Holdings Textile Ltd.*
12/09/2008Meritex International Ltd.*
04/24/2019Suffren Company Limited
03/26/2020Rich-Coop Co., Limited
INDIA10/30/2001Parani Spinning Mills dba Guhan Textile Mills Ltd.*
01/30/2002Sri Jayalakshmi Spinning Mills Ltd.*
09/30/2002Sree Kaderi Ambal Mills Ltd.*
01/05/2009Subburaj Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd.
02/29/2012Tradeline Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. and/or (Tradeline Far East Pte. Ltd.)
INDONESIA03/09/1992P. T. Tiga Sejati Perkasa and/or (P.T. Putra Sejati Perkasa and/or (P.T. Dwitunggal Makmur)*
04/06/1992P. T. Mahameru Centratama Spinning Mills and/or (P.T. Himalaya Textile Mills)*
07/25/1996P.T. Girl Asih*
02/27/1998P. T. Daya Enggal Manunggal*
05/03/2002P.T. BATI (PT Bumi Angkasa Textile Industri)*
06/16/2011PT Golden Tatex Indonesia
06/16/2011PT Indo Golden Standard
01/06/2012P. T. Unilon Textile Industries
03/11/2013PT Adetex
03/27/2013PT Bintang Agung
05/03/2013PT Tiga Bintang Manunggal
04/24/2019PT Tyfountex Indonesia
05/12/2020PT Pamor Spinning Mills
ITALY06/11/1985Italfil S.R.L.*
09/08/2011Filati Maclodio S.P.A.*
KOREA01/30/2002Jinil Corporation Seoul*
MEXICO11/05/1993Garte Textile S.A. de C.V.*
06/17/1998Master Denim, S.A. de C.V.*
11/27/2001Rovi Textil S.A. de C.V. and/or (Confecciones Gabos S.A. de C.V.) and/or (Corporacion Textil Arro S. A. de C.V.) and/or (Comercializadora Juluapan S. A. de C.V.)*
09/10/2004Textiles Santa Fe, S. A. de C.V.
09/10/2004Santa Fe Mills, S. A. de C.V.
02/22/2005Industrias Chem -Tex, S. A. de C.V.
08/16/2011Texturizados Y Tejidos Windsor, S.A. de C.V. and/or (Textiles Mabratex, S.A. de C.V.)
01/06/2012Pyt Textil SA de CV
04/17/2012Pecaltex S.A. de C.V.
05/30/2012Fibras Internacionales Trevino Y Asociados S.A. de C.V.
09/13/2012Hiulados Jiutepec, S.A, de C,V,
PAKISTAN10/02/2006Apollo Textile Mills Limited*
01/06/2009Chakwal Spinnign Mills Ltd. (Affilidated with Kohinoor Spinning Mills Ltd.)*
08/09/2012Acro Spinning & Weaving Mills Ltd.
05/28/2020Azgard Nine Limited
PERU06/05/1998Jean Export Corporation, S.A.*
03/15/2002Fijesa S.A.C.*
01/08/2010Southamtex SAC
01/10/2011Textil Bello Horizante SAC
01/10/2012Texservi S. R. L.
02/16/2012Blade S.A.C.
02/16/2012Corporacion Textil S.A.
02/16/2012TSA S.A.C.
PHILIPPINES08/06/1981Pacific Mills, Inc.*
10/11/1977Universal Synthetic Mfg. Corp. (formerly: *Universal Mills Corporation)*
SINGAPORE03/05/2002Prime Energy Corporation Pte. Limited*
SWITZERLAND11/04/1999Ecotrade S.A.*
TAIWAN01/14/1981Ai Huei Textile Company*
11/17/1982Chien Jung Textile Co., Ltd.*
11/17/1982Lio Ho Cotton Weavings Mill Co., Ltd.
04/27/1992Seun-I Textile Co., Ltd.*
11/15/1977Shin Tai Fong Textile Mfg. Co., Ltd.*
08/09/1985Sunkee Textile Industrial Co., Ltd.*
06/04/1982Tai Phing Industrial Co., Ltd.*
THAILAND08/06/2012Thavompipat Group Co. Ltd.
TURKEY04/28/1998Payne OverseasLimited*
06/30/1998Hatas A.S.*
09/29/1998Saka Korkmaz Pazarlama A.S.*
09/29/1998Tumteks Tekstil Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S.*
05/16/2001Optas Ortauogu Pazarlama Turizm Ve Ticaret A.S.*
05/16/2001Cilasun Tekstil Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S.*
09/03/2001Mebal Tekstil Isletmesi San Tic AS*
06/29/2006Else Tekstil San. ve Tic.A.S.*
05/16/2011Adamogullari Iplik Tarim Insaat Sanayi Ve. Tic. Ltd. Sti
05/16/2011Ecer Iplik San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.
05/16/2011Gazi Iplik San. Ve. Tic. Ltd. Sti.
05/16/2011Olusum Bukum Iplik Sanayi Ve. Tic. Ltd. Sti.
07/07/2011Nezih Iplik Dokuma Tekstil San Ve. Tic. A.S.
08/11/2011Ari Ambalaj Tekstil Tarim Ve Gida Urun San Tic Ltd. Sti*
08/11/2011Engin Tekstil Ve Tarim Urn Tic Ve Paz Ltd. Sti
VIETNAM01/30/2002Jinil Phu Tho Textile Co., Ltd.*
02/23/2009Damsan Yarntex Joint Stock Company*
02/25/2009Duc Vuong Investment and Development Joint Stock Company*
09/23/2011Sonnam Textile and Garment Joint Stock Company
12/08/2011Dongphat Joint Stock Company
12/08/2011Dong Quang Spinning Corporation
12/09/2011Hung Thinh Co., Limited
12/16/2011Hanoi May19th Textile Company (HATEXCO)
02/17/2012Duy Linh Textile Joint Stock Company
05/17/2012Dai Cuong Group Joint Stock Company (also know as Fortex Group)
04/24/2019Dotihutex Co., Ltd.
05/01/2020Lam Giang Trading and Investment JSC
06/18/2020Dong Phong Co., Ltd.
06/18/2020Viet Phu Spinning Joint Stock Company

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