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China Aqsiq Re-Registration

If your company is currently registered with China AQSIQ as an Importer of Cotton, you should check the date as to when you registered, as your registration is good for only 3 years. The implementation of this registration process was introduced in March 2009. We sought clarification from AQSIQ on several questions and which are […]

Chinese Delegation – Download

This office has been notified of an upcoming Chinese Chamber of Commerce sponsored delegation that will visit Memphis on Thursday February 16, further details are provided below. THE DELEGATION wi…

Farm Bill Article from Politico

WCEA Notice

Please be advised that the listing of Lucky Spinning Co., Ltd. on the WCEA Default List has been withdrawn by the WCEA member who requested the listing.  The member has notified the WCEA that the listing was an error and has apologized to Lucky Spinning Co., Ltd. for it.

NCC Confers with Farm Bureau on Farm Bill – Download

Link To ‘Collin Peterson Interview’