2011 Meeting Highlights

ACSA 87th Annual Convention
Meeting Highlights
State of the Cotton Trade
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Washington, DC
May 11-13, 2011



During the recent 87th Annual Meeting of ACSA in Washington DC the Board of Directors approved a change of its officer structure. The new structure establishes the chairman position as the industry’s chief elected officer, and President as the chief executive staff officer .
Philip R. Bogel, II Chairman
Richard L. Clarke, III Vice Chairman
Eduardo Esteve, Vice Chairman
Jordan Lea, Immediate Past Chairman

William E. May, President

ACSA ‘s 87th annual meeting was well attended with over 225 attendees registered. The program included a briefing session for a CCI sponsored Turkish textile delegation followed by a luncheon. The program also included House Ag Committee Chairman Frank Lucas (R-OK) providing an update on budget discussions and the outlook and the possible timetable for negotiations on the 2012 Farm Bill.

The Co-Chairman of The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, Erskine Bowles presented sobering remarks about the debt situation in the US and what must be done and quickly to avoid a catastrophic collapse of our countryas a world power. Bowles noted “ if the US does not put its house in order, the reckoning will be sure and the devastation severe.”

Erskin B. Bowles









Bowles offered the following guiding core principles of the Commission report to:

  • We all have a patriotic duty to make America a better place.
  • Don’t disrupt the fragile economic recovery .
  • Cut and invest to promote economic growth and keep the US competitive.
  • Protect the truly disadvantaged.
  • Cut spending-no exceptions.
  • Demand productivity and effectiveness from Washington.
  • Reform & simplify the tax code.
  • Must stabilize and then reduce the debt, or we could spend $1 trillion dollars a year in interest alone by 2020.

The 66 page Commission Report can be found by clicking: “The Moment of Truth”

Our program this year also included a new format that brought together a panel of participants to discuss the commodity markets and their rise and fall of late and the ramifications of such on not just commodities but on the consumer and the economy in general.

Participants included:

Jordan Lea, then President of ACSA (now Immediate Past Chairman)
Jim Newsome, Past Chairman of the CFTC & NYMEX
David Hightower, The Hightower Commodity Report
Matt Shay, President & CEO of The National Retail Federation


Hurdle and Jordan Lea








Jordan Lea represented ACSA for 20 months in his term as ACSA President. His leadership, dedication and commitment to ACSA resulted in several monumental changes in the association and the industry that will certainly benefit ACSA members for years to come.

 The 2012 ACSA Convention will take place May 23-25 @ The Four Seasons Hotel, Denver, Colorado.

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