One Wire for payment of Multiple CCR Invoices

From: Rosera, Gene – Washington, DC []

Thursday, April 15, 2010 12:47 PM

Subject: One Wire for payment of Multiple CCR Invoices

Shannon Fulghem, FSA staff in KC, advises that CCC can now process multiple CCR redemption invoices based on receipt of a single wire transfer of funds. This will reduce some merchants costs of paying for individual wire transfers. Use the OBI information from your first invoice. In the remarks section of the wire list the individual schedule numbers.

Wire transfer of funds must include the following information if sending one wire for multiple invoices:

Company Name:
Buyer ID:
Payment Due Date:
OBI Information:

List the individual schedule number, invoice number and invoice amount.



If you have any questions, call Shannon Fulghem at 816-926-1533

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