ACSA is vigilant in promoting sanctity of contract, both domestically and overseas.  Leadership of ACSA members plays an important role in formulating farm programs and cooperating with government agencies in the administration of such programs.  Through ACSA, our members strive to minimize contract disputes, both domestically and abroad, by working closely with national and international governments and their cotton trade organizations.

Current Issues

Plastic Contaminants in Cotton Samples

The USDA has issued a memo regarding plastic contaminants in cotton samples. Please click on the link below to view the information. Plastic Contaminates 20171102

REVISED Contact-USDA-KCCO-RE-USDA-LIC-Warehouse Performance

2017-OCT 10 REVISED Contact-USDA-KCCO-RE-USDA-LIC-Warehouse-Performance-(3)

New Texas Law Requires Changes to Purchase Contracts

2017 JUL 11 - A NEW TEXAS LAW WILL APPLY TO ALL TEXAS COTTON PURCHASE CONTRACTS WITH PRODUCERS SIGNED ON OR AFTER  SEPT 1, 2017 A copy of HB 338 is attached. We are told this version was adopted by the legislature and signed by the Governor. Despite requests via the Senator from Lubbock and a [...]


Please click on the link below to read the fact sheet.   NCC BULLETIN & BATCH 23 FACT SHEET