In June, China imported 332,884 bales (72,477 MT) of cotton, a decrease of 7.36 percent month-on-month (m/m), and a decrease of 55.2 percent year-on-year (y/y). The total value of cotton imports in June was USD 123.47 million, a decrease of 3.92 percent m/m and a decrease of 57.70 percent y/y. The U.S. was ranked as the largest cotton supplier to China in June. Australia was ranked as the second, Indian was ranked as the third.


From January to June, 2016, Chinese cotton imports totaled 1,975,755 bales (430,170 MT), a decline of 53.94 percent y/y.  U.S. cotton was ranked as the largest with a total quantity of 841,864 bales (117,977 MT), accounting for 27.43 percent of total imports. Uzbekistan was ranked as the second supplier with a total quantity of 397,209 bales (86,482 MT), accounting for 20.1 percent of total imports. India was ranked as the fourth with a total quantity of 243,115 bales (52,932 MT), accounting for 12.3 percent of total imports.


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2016-July-26-Cotton Market Report July 2016